Dentures in Meridian

You may not think much about losing one or several teeth. Until you realize that your diet is getting progressively limited or social situations are embarrassing when you find it hard to talk or smile.

Thankfully, dentures can help you solve all these issues. Working with experienced and highly equipped denturists ensures that you get the right denture for your lifestyle.

Premier Dentures is your go-to expert for affordable dentures in Meridian. Our goal is to provide the finest quality of denture care for improved health and confidence.

Our Services

Denture Services in Meridian

Meridian is the third-largest city in Idaho and is listed among the fastest-growing cities in the country. It is also famous for being the headquarters of Scentsy, a wickless line of scented candles.

However, what makes Meridian a treasure is its sense of community. At Premier Dentures, we strive to provide exceptional denture services that promote our community’s overall health and well-being. 

If you’re looking for a permanent and affordable solution for your teeth problems, look no further than Premier Dentures. We have the expertise, technology, and passion to help you create the perfect smile.


Affordable Dentures in Meridian

We utilize the latest technology and materials from VITA North America to create a variety of high-quality yet affordable dentures. With a wide selection of the most advanced molds, sizes, and shades of teeth, our specialists can create a custom denture that suits your needs.

Don’t let an arch of missing teeth hold you back anymore. Contact us and let’s help you find the right denture that gives you the confidence to eat, talk, and smile.


Implant Dentures in Meridian

At Premier Dentures, we offer a variety of implants for clients looking for a more stable and comfortable alternative to traditional dentures.

If you have eating difficulties or you are simply tired of the gross sticky adhesives, implants may just be the solution for you. Schedule a consultation with our denturists to get the right implant for you.

Partial Dentures in Meridian

Whether you’re missing one tooth or more than a few, consider our variety of pocket-friendly and high-quality dentures as a great replacement option. 

You don’t have to settle for a limited diet or social life. Allow our friendly and highly trained specialists to find the perfect partial that allows you to enjoy the foods you love and gives you the confidence to talk and smile again.


Denture Relines in Meridian

While dentures are made to fit perfectly, over time, they can get loose due to changes in the jawbone. Through our premium same-day relining services, we’ve helped our clients get back a more secure and comfortable denture.

If you’re experiencing difficulties in speaking, sore gums, or the dentures won’t stay in place, you may need to have them relined for better service. And we would be happy to help.

Denture Repairs in Meridian

We understand how inconvenienced you may be by cracked or broken dentures. That’s why when you contact us, we commit to completing the denture repair in less than 1 hour.

Are your dentures in need of repair? With our experienced team and the latest in-house lab technology, you can rely on us to make your dentures as good as new.

Our Denture Service Process

Here’s what to expect when you visit our office in Meridian:

The Benefits of Working With Premier Dentures

An Ultra-Modern In-House Lab

With our on-site lab, we can guarantee top-quality denture services and zero wait time.

Affordable Pricing

We offer all our services at reasonable prices and a money-back guarantee if you don’t love your new look.

Friendly Customer Service

You receive warm and friendly service from your first walk-in to the denture pickup.

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Denture Services FAQs

The four types of dentures are full, partial, implant-supported, and immediate dentures.

Different dentures serve diverse needs. However, implant-supported dentures do provide a secure, more comfortable, and natural-like feeling.

There’s no defined number of teeth required for dentures. Whether it’s a complete arch of missing teeth or a few of them, our denturists will help you find a denture that’s perfect for you. 

The cost varies for every denture. However, our pocket-friendly prices range from $699 for the acrylic partial denture, $897 per single-layer plate, to $1450 for the cast metal denture. Visit our price list page for more details. 

Other alternatives though more costly than dentures are dental implants and overdentures.

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