Denturist vs Dentist

Who Should I Visit?

Tooth loss can happen for many reasons. Poor dental hygiene, physical accidents, and even advancing years can all result in it. The most frequent answer for most patients is dentures or denture implants, given how effective they are.

Knowing that is one thing, but most patients don’t know what distinguishes a dentist from a denturist. Given how much money and work goes into dentures, you need to know what each means so you can know if a denturist is right for you.

denturist or dentist


Dentists: Who Are They?

Dentists are the oral care professionals you’ve been seeing your whole life. Even if your mouth is in great health, you’re supposed to see a dentist every six months. They do examinations looking for cavities, gum disease, and other indicators of poor oral health that need to be dealt with.

Most dentists work with nearly every kind of patient. They do regular cleanings to keep plaque buildup from happening and offer treatment possibilities for any issues that come up.


Denturists: Who Are They?

On the other hand, denturists are a specialty within the broader profession of dental care, in that they only work with denture patients specifically.

Denturists do consultations and examinations, as dentists do, but they specifically focus on making sure you get the best possible denture options. Whether you’re missing one tooth, several teeth, or all of them, they can come up with denture options that restore your smile and ability to chew food.

You don’t need to be new to dentures to need or use a denturist. In fact, dentures occasionally need relining, repairs, and upgrades. While some dentists might be able to do this, all denturists can, and since they specialize in such matters, they can usually do it faster and more effectively.


Similarities Between Dentists and Denturists

Both dentists and denturists want you to have a healthy and happy mouth that works well for you. They both go through intensive training and certification to enter their respective professions, they do thorough examinations, they offer compassion and support to patients, and their offices work with your insurance and benefits to help you afford the smile you deserve.


Differences Between Dentists and Denturists

Dentists deal with all kinds of oral care issues, especially if you still have natural teeth. Alternatively, denturists deal with the fabrication, installation, care, and repair/replacement of dentures alone.


Who Should I See?

You’ll likely never stop seeing a dentist. Even if you replace all your teeth with dentures or dental implants, you still have to keep them clean and your gums happy and healthy. However, if you need dentures specifically, or anything denture-related, then a denturist might be a better choice, since they specialize in doing only dentures and the associated tasks and responsibilities that come with them.



Do You Need a Denturist?

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