Reasons a denture breaks

Many of these issues are caused by the age of your denture or from a denture that has not been relined in a couple of years; these can lead to your denture breaking and cracking more easily. If your denture is constantly breaking, this could be a sign that you need a reline or a new denture.

Is it time to reline my denture?

You should reline your denture every two years or as needed. A reline will restrengthen your denture and also prevent unwanted cracks or breaks while giving you a better fit. Listed below are some signs you may need to reline your denture.

Is it time to Replace your Denture?

Dentures should be replaced on average every 7-8 years, depending on the quality of the denture you have chosen. Over time your denture teeth will wear down and become flat, making chewing and eating more difficult. In addition, the acrylic in your denture will become weaker and more brittle as it ages, causing it to break easier. If you’re having any of the problems listed below. It may be time to replace your denture.

Reasons to consider Premier Dentures for your denture repairs

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