Price List


economy denture

Economy Denture

$897 per arch

PMMA Acrylic single-layer teeth
Warranty: 2 years
FREE lifetime adjustments

High-Quality Denture

$1497 per arch

HC-Polymer multilayer teeth
Warranty: 4 years
FREE lifetime adjustments

Deluxe Denture

$1897 per arch

Nano Composite Multilayer teeth
Warranty: 6 years
FREE lifetime adjustments

Partial Dentures

partial denture

Acrylic Partial Denture

Starting at $699

Warranty: 90 days

flexible denture

TCS Flexible Partial Denture

Starting at $1350

Warranty: 3 years

metal cast partial denture

Cast Metal Partial Denture

Starting at $1450

Warranty: 4 years

Immediate Dentures

economy denture

Single Immediate Dentures

Premier Economy (Non-Insurance)


Premier High Quality


Premier Deluxe


Deluxe Package


Full Set Immediate Dentures

Premier Economy (Non-Insurance)


Premier High Quality


Premier Deluxe


Deluxe Immediate Denture Package

  • Includes Temporary economy denture for the first 9 months with temporary liners
  • A permanent deluxe denture will be made after nine months after healing


*On all immediate Dentures price includes all temporary liners up to 12 months. Final Relines are not included in the price and will be needed after 12 months. The cost of the final reline is $275 per arch.

*Deluxe immediate denture package must be completed within 9-12 months. If a permanent deluxe denture is not completed, the economy denture price returns to the original pricing. 

Other services

  • Repairs – $100+
  • Single reline – $275
  • Single rebase – $400
  • Permanent soft reline – $350
  • Temporary reline (Per Arch) – $75
  • Implant processing (each) – $200
  • Metal mesh reinforcement – $275
  • Adjustments (not our denture) – $50

Money Back Guarantee

Premier Dentures offers a money back satisfaction guarantee on all of our Dentures & Partials. We will make every effort to correct or fix any issues you may have with your denture at no cost to you. If you are not satisfied, you may request a refund (minus 25% lab fee) within 90 days of your denture delivery. The denture or partial must be returned at time of refund.

Premier Dentures Promise

Here at premier dentures we pride ourselves in providing the best service and giving are patients the highest quality dentures available at an affordable price. Here is are promise to you.

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