Partial Dentures

Missing teeth can be embarrassing and make it hard for you to want to smile or talk in public. It not only affects your confidence but also can affect your health and appearance. Here are some ways missing teeth can impact your overall life.

How it affects your health

Health issues due to missing teeth include a limited diet caused by difficulties eating due to pain and discomfort. In addition, missing teeth can cause dental problems, such as bone loss, teeth shifting or becoming loose, and Jaw joint pain due to lack of tooth occlusion. These issues can prevent you from eating a well-rounded healthy diet, which can lead to other health issues.

How it affects your appearance

Missing teeth can affect your facial structure. After your teeth have been extracted, you will begin to experience bone loss in the extraction area. This bone loss can make your cheeks and lips appear shrunken in and cause premature wrinkles, making you appear older. Missing teeth can also affect your natural teeth by giving them room to move or shift, making them appear crooked.

Partial dentures can be an excellent solution to restore your smile and health. A partial denture can give you the confidence to smile and talk again in public while also letting you enjoy the foods you love. At Premier Dentures, we offer a wide selection of high-quality partials. Schedule a free consultation and let our highly trained denturist help you find the best partial fit for you.

Types of partials we offer

partial denture

Acrylic Partial

An acrylic partial consists of a rigid acrylic base with composite teeth matching your natural teeth color. Small metal clasps attach to your adjacent natural teeth, securing the partial in place. Acrylic partials are a low-cost option and are great for a first-time partial or temporary while you heal after extractions. Another great benefit of an acrylic partial is the ability to add teeth later if more extractions are needed.

Flipper partial

Flippers consist of an acrylic or flexible nylon base similar to a retainer with one or two composite teeth attached that fill in a missing front tooth or teeth. Flippers are very low-cost and are often used as a temporary while someone is going through the process of getting an implant. A Flipper is for aesthetic purposes and is not recommended to eat with.
flexible denture

TCS Flexible Partial

TCS flexible partials are extremely resilient, high-performance nylon thermoplastic with a high degree of flexibility. TCS flexible partials are virtually unnoticeable in the mouth due to their high translucency and no need for unsightly metal clasps. In addition, TCS flexible partials are much more comfortable than traditional acrylic or metal partials due to their high flexibility and lightweight material. TCS flexible partials are also the thinnest compared to acrylic or metal partials, making them feel more natural. Another great benefit of a TCS flexible partial is its strength. It is guaranteed not to crack or break, giving you peace of mind while eating a regular healthy diet with no worries.
cast metal partial denture

Cast metal partial

Cast metal partials are milled out of titanium and custom fitted to ensure a secure, comfortable fit. Cast metal partials help support your adjacent natural teeth and also stop your teeth from shifting or moving. In addition, cast metal partials are known for their long life and excellent strength. Another great benefit is the ability to reline and add new teeth

Here are some great benefits of partial dentures

Why consider Premier Dentures for your Partial denture needs

How to take care of your partial denture

Common questions about Partial dentures

A partial denture is a removable prosthetic that replaces a single or multiple missing teeth. Partial dentures are made of either metal, pink tissue-colored acrylic, or flexible nylon base. Composite teeth that match your natural tooth color replace any missing teeth to give you a natural-looking smile. A partial denture is secured by attaching metal or flexible nylon clasps to your adjacent natural teeth. A Partial denture is a great way to give you back the confidence to smile again while helping you return to a regular diet and improve your overall health.
You should take your partial out at night and let your gums rest from the constant pressure of wearing your partial all day. Taking your partial out at night will also stop any unwanted breaking or wear caused by clenching and grinding at night. This is also a good time to let you partial soak in a denture cleaning solution and cup overnight; this will break down buildup on the denture and kill any bacteria.
Depending on your partial, you should have little to no limitations on the foods you eat. However, with an acrylic partial or flipper, you should avoid sticky or harder foods due to the limited strength of these types of partials. With stronger partials such as a metal or a flexible partial, there are no limitations on the foods you choose to eat, giving you a more complete diet range.
Adding a tooth or teeth to a partial depends on your partial type. For example, with an acrylic partial, you can quickly and affordably add teeth to this type of partial. A metal partial will depend on the location of the metal clasps and what tooth needs to be added. We suggest you bring in your metal partial and ask one of our highly trained denturists if adding a tooth is possible. Adding teeth to a flexible partial is not possible due to the nylon thermoplastic that is used to make it flexible. A new flexible partial will need to be made in this situation. We highly recommend all dental work be completed first to ensure a long effective life for your partial.
Partials should be soaked in a denture cleaning solution and cup nightly. Doing this nightly will help break down buildup and kill any bacteria on your partial. After removing it from the denture solution and cup, brush it with a denture brush and rinse it under clean running water before placing it in your mouth. Cleaning your partial daily will ensure a long life and keep it looking new.
This depends on your needs and budget. Each partial has its benefits and limitations and will depend on your oral health and the condition of your remaining teeth. Set up a free consultation, and speak with one of our highly trained denturists to see what partial would be the best fit for you.
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