One-day Relines

When you receive your new denture, it should fit securely and pain-free. But over the years, your denture may begin to feel loose due to bone loss and shrinkage, which will cause sores and food to get underneath your denture. This bone loss can result in the overuse of denture adhesive. These problems can easily and quickly be fixed by refitting your denture with a reline. Relines are convenient and fast, taking only a day to get your denture back to a more secure and comfortable fit. Call our office to setup up your one-day reline.

Relines are fast and convenient, have your denture back the same day!

Types Of Relines

Standard Reline

This is the most common type of reline. A new impression will be taken inside your existing denture, filling in any open space or gaps between your denture and gum tissue. Then your denture will be processed in our in-house lab, where the new acrylic will be added to your denture, giving you a more comfortable and secure fitting denture.

Soft Reline

The hard acrylic on a denture can cause irritation and sore spots against the soft tissue in your mouth. To help fix these issues and give you some extra comfort Premier Dentures offers a soft silicone-based liner that is hypoallergenic, will not fade or peel, and is exceptionally comfortable.


This type of reline is typically used for older dentures. When the denture base acrylic has become severely discolored, brittle, and more likely to break. All of the old acrylic must be removed, and the new acrylic will be injected, giving your denture a better fit and also strengthening the acrylic base of your denture.

Importance of a Reline

Relines are vital in maintaining a comfortable, good-fitting denture and getting a longer life out of your denture. Relines should be done every two years or when your denture feels loose or causes sores while wearing it. A comfortable, good-fitting denture will make wearing and using it more enjoyable. Relines will also strengthen your denture against unwanted cracks or breaks, giving you the confidence to eat a healthy, well-rounded diet. If your denture is loose or hurting, call Premier Dentures to have your denture relined.

Common Questions About Relines

A reline is a refitting of your denture due to bone loss. This bone loss can cause your denture to be loose and uncomfortable while wearing it. A reline is done by getting an impression inside your denture, filling in gaps between your denture and gum tissue. Then your denture is processed in our advanced in-house lab, where new acrylic is added. Relines are done in one day, making it fast and convenient.
Relines should be done every two years to help maintain a proper fit and function of your denture. This time frame can vary from patient to patient due to weight loss, medications, or health issues causing rapid bone loss. If your denture is loose and you are using too much denture adhesive, or it is hurting you. Please call our office to set up a free consultation to see if a reline can fix these issues.
Each patient may vary, depending on the severity of the bone loss. Adhesive use will be determined as needed. However, most patients should use little to no denture adhesive on their upper denture. If you have a lower denture, you will still need a small amount of adhesive to stop your lower denture from floating or popping up when you talk or eat. This floating is due to multiple factors, including the shape of the lower jaw, no suction, the tongue constantly pushing against the lower denture, and saliva glands that shrink and expand underneath your tongue. If you would like to avoid using any adhesive on your lower denture, implants are a great option to snap your dentures into place securely.
If your denture is still in good condition, and your teeth are not completely worn down, we can reline it. Relining your denture will give you a better fit and extend your denture’s life. If your denture is in poor condition, such as teeth being worn flat or broken into multiple pieces, a new denture would be a better option.
Yes, although implants help slow bone abortion down dramatically, it does not stop it completely. For example, you may start to notice food getting underneath your denture or your denture is rocking on top of your implants. These are signs that the bone and tissue around the implant have slightly absorbed. These issues can quickly and easily be solved with a reline.
These kits are very convenient and cheap, but at-home reline kits can cause more problems and make your denture unrepairable if done incorrectly. Often these materials are meant to be temporary or only for emergencies. We recommend getting your denture relined by a professional to ensure it is done correctly, saving you time and money.
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