Guarantees & Warranties

Money Back Guarantee

Premier Dentures offers a money back satisfaction guarantee on all of our Dentures & Partials. We will make every effort to correct or fix any issues you may have with your denture at no cost to you. If you are not satisfied, you may request a refund (minus 25% lab fee) within 90 days of your denture delivery. The denture or partial must be returned at time of refund.

Premier Warranty

If your denture cracks/breaks or a tooth falls out due to a manufacture defect, Premier Dentures will repair at no additional cost to you.


Premier Deluxe – 6 years

Premier High Quality – 4 years

Premier Economy – 2 years

TCS Flexible Partial – 3 years

Metal cast partial – 4 years

Acrylic Partial – 90 days

Warranties are only covered if it is due to a manufacture defect.

Premier Dentures will not warranty the denture for the following reasons:

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