Dentures in Nampa

Our ability to eat, talk, and smile comfortably depends on having a healthy set of pearly whites. When a good portion of the teeth are missing, it can get hard to smile or maintain a healthy diet. 

Luckily, dentures can provide an affordable and long-standing solution. However, to find the denture that’s right for you, it’s important to work with experienced denturists with the latest technology and a proven track record of success.

For premium denture needs in Nampa, look no further than Premier Dentures. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service, high-quality dentures, and helping our clients claim back their health and confidence.

Our Services

Denture Services in Nampa

As the largest city in Canyon County Idaho, Nampa is known for its strong agribusiness and food processing sectors. Over 90% of the world’s sweet corn seed comes from this area as well as livestock, dairy, and alfalfa. The city is also a historical gem as it is the home to the Warhawk Air Museum which preserves war veteran history and memorabilia from the First World War to the Iraq War.

We believe there is so much to enjoy in Nampa. If teeth problems are hindering you from making beautiful memories with your loved ones here in Nampa, talk to us, and let’s help find a denture that will transform your life.


Affordable Denture Services in Nampa

We offer high-quality dentures that can be made from three different grades, over twenty-six shades, and thirty molds and sizes of teeth. Our specialists are ready to work with you in designing a customized denture that meets your needs.

Are you tired of holding your mouth whenever you want to smile or laugh out loud? Contact us and let’s get you showing off your new and confident smile in no time.


Implant Dentures in Nampa

Over time, even the best-made denture can begin to slip as you talk or eat. At Premier Dentures we help our clients secure their full or partial dentures with our variety of top-quality implants. 

If your denture has lost some biting force or you’re constantly anxious that it may float as you talk, connect with us and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect implant for you.


Partial Dentures in Nampa

We offer a wide selection of premium and affordable partial dentures made from materials such as acrylic, flipper, and cast metal for people looking to replace missing teeth. 

If you can’t eat some of your favorite foods or you’re embarrassed to talk in public, partial dentures can be an excellent solution for all your problems. Talk to us and we’ll step into our in-house lab to create a bespoke partial just for you.


Denture Relines in Nampa

Even though dentures are customized for every patient, changes in the jawbone can cause them to feel loose and uncomfortable to use. You can depend on our convenient one-day relining services to get back a stronger and more comfortable denture. 

Don’t settle for a denture that causes gum irritation or simply won’t stay in place. Allow our professionals to make the adjustments for you in time so you can keep the dentures you love.


Denture Repairs in Nampa

We understand how important your dentures are to you and that’s why we provide fast and convenient same-day repair services for cracked or broken dentures. 

When you need urgent repair, you can trust our licensed professionals to get the denture back to its original condition within one hour.

Our Denture Service Process

Here’s what to expect when you visit our office in Nampa:

The Benefits of Working With Premier Dentures

Extensive Experience

Our licensed denturists have a combined total of 21 years of experience in providing quality services.

Fast Service

We offer in-house denture creation, repairs, and relines eliminating wait times.

Product Warranty

All our dentures and partials come with a warranty.

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Denture Services FAQs

The four types of dentures are full, partial, implant-supported, and immediate dentures.

Different dentures serve diverse needs. However, implant-supported dentures do provide a secure, more comfortable, and natural-like feeling.

There’s no defined number of teeth required for dentures. Whether it’s one tooth or more, or a complete arch of missing teeth, our denturists can help you find a denture that’s perfect for you. 

The cost varies for every denture. However, our pocket-friendly prices range from $699 for the acrylic partial denture, $897 per single-layer plate, to $1450 for the cast metal denture. Visit our price list page for more details. 

Other alternatives though more costly than dentures are dental implants and dental bridges.

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