Time to Replace Your Dentures?

Dendenture replacementtures are great replacement for natural teeth but they are not as strong or durable as natural teeth. Unfortunately, dentures have a limited life span. These are few indications you may need new dentures.

  • Difficulty chewing food- As your denture gets older the teeth become worn. You will notice the teeth are very smooth and flat which will make chewing food much more difficult.
  • Cracked or chipped dentures- This can be an indication that your acrylic (plastic) is becoming weak and brittle. Making it more susceptible to cracking, breaking, and losing teeth out of your dentures.
  • Constant discomfort- ill-fitting dentures are more likely to give you sore spots and leave you in constant discomfort. If your denture teeth are still in good condition a reline can fix this issue but if the teeth are worn or broken it is best to replace your dentures.
  • Denture acrylic (plastic) discoloring or stained- As your denture ages it will start discoloring from a vibrant pink into a duller orange or yellowish color. This is caused by your dentures becoming porous and absorbing stains from foods and drinks. This can be fixed with a denture rebase if the teeth are in good condition. A new set may be needed if the teeth are to worn or broken.
  • Denture is very loose or falling out- If you find yourself using too much adhesive to keep your dentures in, this is a good indication your denture is ill fitting. This is due to natural bone loss over time. It can be easily fixed with a reline if the denture teeth are still in good condition or replacing them if the teeth are to worn.
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