Eating with Dentures

eating with dentures
Eating with New dentures can prove to be very challenging, you may find it hard to eat foods that you enjoy such as steak, corn on the cob, or raw vegetables. Learning to eat with dentures can be a long grueling task, but with practice and some tips you will be back to eating foods you love.

Your Dentures are not the Same as Your Natural Teeth

Although dentures may look natural eating with them can be very unnatural. Dentures unfortunately are not like your natural teeth, with dentures you lose 2/3rds of your biting force making it more difficult eat some foods. Although dentures are not as strong as natural teeth with practice and patients you will find it easier as you use them more and more.

Eat Soft Foods and Small Bites

Although a steak may sound great when you first wear your new dentures. You may want to start off with something softer and easier to chew. Some great foods to start off with are mashed potatoes, pasta, eggs, and cooked vegetables. Once you’re comfortable chewing with your dentures, you can start eating more solid foods cut into small pieces.

Your Food May Taste Like it has no Flavor

Some foods may not taste the same. The cause of this is due to signals to your brain being overloaded by the sensation of the new dentures. However, this problem is not permanent. Your sense of taste will start to improve as your mouth adjusts to the new sensation caused by your dentures.

Use a Dental Adhesive

Denture Adhesive can make eating much easier and more enjoyable. Eating something that is more difficult to chew or sticky can cause your dentures to move, making it hard to chew. Movement can cause sore spots and discomfort. A good denture adhesive can stop your denture from moving while your chewing, making it easier to eat difficult foods.

Remove Food Debris from you Dentures

Using a denture brush and rinsing with water will remove any food debris. Food debris left in your denture can cause bacteria to build up causing bad breath. Dentures should also be soaked daily in a denture cleaning solution to help keep them looking new and giving you more life out of your dentures.

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