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Denture Relining in Meridian: All You Need to Know

Dentures are a great alternative for people missing teeth. But over time, the dentures get loose due to bone loss and shrinkage and are no longer a comfortable fit.

That’s where denture relining comes in. Adjusting the dentures makes them a better fit and more comfortable to wear. But if you’re hesitant to book an appointment because you’re not sure what denture relining entails, read on to find out all the details you need to make the final decision. 

1. The Relining Process

The dentist buffs away the areas that cause irritation, takes new impressions of your mouth, and adds materials to the inner parts of the dentures to conform to the changes. Within a day, you should get back a more secure and comfortable denture. 

2. Different Types of Relines

There are three main types of relines:
  • Standard reline
  • This is the most common reline where the dentist adds acrylic to fill in the gaps between your gums and the dentures for a better fit.
  • Soft reline
  • For people with sensitive gums, acrylic can cause persistent irritation and mouth sores. To give them extra comfort, the denturist adds a hypoallergenic silicone-based material. These denture relines are less durable and are commonly done for people with receding or thin gums.
  • Rebase
  • For older dentures, the entire discolored and brittle acrylic is removed and the denture is injected with new acrylic to form a firm base that’s fitting and comfortable.

    3. Denture Relining Frequency

    Since standard relines last for four to five years, you can have it redone once every two years. For soft relines, a visit to the dentist once every year can help to keep them clean and snuggly. However, these timelines may vary depending on your weight and health issues. But if they don’t fit correctly or you’re experiencing any discomfort, it’s best to schedule a reline to relieve your discomfort.

    4.Denture Relining Cost

    Quality dentures reline services in Meridian come at highly competitive prices. Here is a list of the prices you can expect for different services:

    • Single reline — $275
    • Single rebase — $400
    • Permanent soft reline — $350
    • Temporary reline per arch — $75

    5. Benefits of Denture Relining

    Denture relining offers you the following benefits:

    • A better fit — a relined denture fits perfectly giving you the confidence to eat, talk, and smile.
    • A cleaner mouth — a well-fitting denture prevents food from getting stuck in the gaps and causing teeth decay.
    • Prevents cracks and breaks — a relined denture distributes the pressure evenly across the plate preventing unwanted cracks and breaks.
    • Longer lifespan — a well-fitting denture guarantees you longer service.

    6. DIY Denture Relining

    It is not recommended to reline your dentures at home. The denture DIY home kits are only meant for temporary fixes or emergencies. If the DIY procedure goes wrong, it can make your denture unusable. It’s best to have your denture relined by a professional to ensure it’s done correctly.

    Contact Premier Dentures for Quality Denture Reline Services in Meridian

    If your dentures are coming loose or causing mouth irritation, call your local denture care professionals at Premier Dentures. We offer fast and effective denture relining services that you can rely on to get your dentures back in proper working order for that beautiful and confident smile. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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