Tips for Making Your Dentures Last Longer

If you wear dentures, then it is essential to take care of them properly. Keeping your denture clean and properly stored will give you the most life out of your dentures. Here are some tips to keep your dentures looking new for years to come.


Tips for Caring for Your Dentures

tips to make your dentures last longer

1. Store Your Dentures Correctly

When removing your dentures, make sure to place them in a denture cup with enough water to cover the dentures. Your dentures should always be stored properly to avoid damage or being lost.

2. Keep Your Mouth Clean

Brushing your gums daily will reduce bacteria that can cause bad breath or infections. Use a soft bristled toothbrush to brush your gums and tongue. This will also help to strengthen your gums while wearing dentures and reduce sore spots

3. Brush Your Dentures

Brushing your dentures daily helps remove any remaining debris and plaque. Using an denture toothbrush and a professional denture cleaning solution daily will keep your dentures looking new while giving you the most life out of your dentures.

4. Soak Your Dentures Frequently

Your dentures should be soaked daily in water and a professional grade denture cleaning solution. You should allow the denture to soak for at least 20 minutes or preferably overnight. This helps loosen any debris on the dentures and stop calculus or tartar from building up. Do not use any household cleaners to clean your dentures they can be harmful to the denture materials and damage your dentures.

5. Rinse Your Dentures

Rinse your dentures after soaking them in any denture cleaning solution. This will remove any other debris and wash away any remaining cleaning solution on the denture. In addition, rinsing your dentures after every meal helps remove any food debris.

6. Keep Your Dentures Moist

Don’t let your dentures dry out. Keeping your dentures moist will help prevent them from discoloring, drying out and becoming weak and brittle.

Following these quick easy steps will help insure your dentures will last you years while keeping your smile bright and beautiful.

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