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What Makes a Quality Denture?

Dentures offer a straightforward and efficient solution for people looking to replace missing teeth. They can help to restore your smile and provide support for your facial structure for a more youthful look. 

However, not all dentures are created equal. Since it’s a long-term investment, you need to choose a quality denture that will allow you to enjoy a better quality of life. 

But how can you tell a quality denture? 

Here are some of the key factors you need to consider when looking for a quality denture.

1. High-Quality Material

Denturists utilize a variety of materials in crafting new dentures. Options like porcelain and acrylic for teeth, as well as cast metal and titanium for the plates, offer diverse choices. While acrylic is often recommended for its cost-effectiveness and secure adhesion to the denture base, there are several material blends available for a customized fit. Despite the higher cost, dentures made from porcelain, cast metal, and titanium ensure a bespoke and durable solution to meet your specific needs and preferences.

2. A Proper Fit

Quality dentures fit like a glove. And it all starts with getting detailed mouth impressions. A qualified dentist will use high-quality impression material to pick up an accurate bite pattern and all the contours and textural differences in your mouth. 

Next, they conduct a thorough assessment to check for any bubbles or voids before proceeding to craft the new denture. Engaging a professional denturist ensures that you receive a quality denture that stays securely in place and comfortably supports your lifestyle for many years.

3. The Natural Look

Ensuring quality dentures involves achieving a natural appearance. Both an art and a science, determining the ideal size, shape, and color is crucial for a custom denture that seamlessly complements your face. Striking the right balance is key – avoiding a ‘too white’ look ensures subtlety. A skilled professional harmonizes your preferences with intricate details of your teeth, mouth, skin tone, and hair color, delivering a realistically natural smile.

4. Maximum Comfort

Quality dentures, just like natural teeth, stay firmly in place and do not cause discomfort, gum sores, or pain. You can go about your daily life with confidence that your dentures look and feel good.

5. High Functionality

With advanced denture technology, you can enjoy a daily variety of your favorite foods. Expertly crafted dentures ensure optimal balancing contact, providing a comfortable eating experience without impinging on mouth tissue. Achieve a natural look with confidence.

Contact Premier Dentures for Quality and Customized Dentures

Now that you know quality dentures should feel good, provide high functionality, and look natural, all you need is to connect with our team of denturists at Premier Dentures to get the denture service you deserve.

 We use only high-quality materials to make new dentures to ensure you get a customized product that meets your needs. Contact us today to set up a free consultation. 

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